Hi, my name is Robert. I live in Blue Ridge, GA and started my computer repair and consulting business, Computer Crusader, in 2017. My business seeks to provide competent, caring computer repair services at a fair price for anyone in need of them, for personal or business purposes.

For a little about my background in computing, I have been working on, building, and repairing computers for over 15 years now. I've grown up with them at first being a daily hobby, and now a lifetime career. I have two college degrees in IT hardware and networking. I have worked in many different computer jobs doing just about everything there is to do with in-home computing, commercial IT setups, networking, and software support.

My experience and my personal passion for IT has given me a strong foundation on which to serve the great people of North Georgia. I've met so many interesting, wonderful souls while helping people here, and I would love to meet you and help you with any computer issue you have.

Please contact me if you have any computer or IT issues, at home or at your business, and I promise you I'll give you the best solution possible. That is the Computer Crusader difference.

Thank You and look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Stilz
Computer Crusader, LLC