Warning! Your computer is now vulnerable to a new hijack method that will destroy your important, precious computer files!! Only Computer Crusader can protect you!

Warning! To anyone reading this, if you're using Windows from versions XP to 10, you are vulnerable to a new method of hijacking your computer called WannaCry. This hijacking method locks your computer files down in such a way that it is virtually impossible to get your files back. 

Imagine losing all of your family photos, videos, important financial documents, and other important computer files overnight or in the blink of an eye, with no way to get them back without paying a huge ransom fee. It can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000  to get your files back - do you have that much money lying around? Do you know how to pay someone online?

This can and will eventually happen to you if you surf the web. open emails, or use your computer with programs that go online. This exploit alone has affected 230,000 computers internationally and is spreading like wildfire, all in just a few days. There are many exploits like this out there, but this new one is severe enough that I need to warn you here and now about it. Someone you know will be affected by this, guaranteed. Don't let it be you!!

There IS a way to prevent your machine from being victim to this exploit. Please contact Computer Crusader, 678 813 1338, today(!) to schedule a visit so you can get your machine protected!

Computer Crusader will do our best to not only inoculate your machine, but also  tell you exactly how to avoid these malicious people, viruses, and methods that exist to destroy your computer and steal your money!