Lighting Protection - Is Your Computer Prepared For Thunderstorms and Lightning?

Lightning. We are all subject to its immense and destructive wrath, and the season has come upon us when Blue Ridge, Georgia and the surrounding areas are most vulnerable to sudden, violent thunderstorms.

Did you know the odds your home will suffer a lightning strike in the US are 1 in 200, according to the National Lightning Safety Institute? Did you know that according to State Farm, Georgia files the most insurance claims for lightning damage out of any state in the US?  It's not a matter of if, but when, your home will suffer a lightning strike.

With these facts understood, can you safely say your computers are prepared for a sudden, catastrophic lightning strike? Just one errant bolt can come down your line and erase all of your hard drives, destroy your computer, and melt the parts so you can't just replace the items, piece-by-piece.

A surge protector at the end of your line won't be enough, you also must keep in mind your cable and satellite lines can carry lightning just as easily. I have personally seen a cable internet line to a router carry lightning damage into a computer network, destroying the PC itself. Don't let this be you!

Luckily, Computer Crusader has the knowledge and cheap solutions to protect your lines against lightning. I have performed lightning preparedness checks for friends and family and successfully protected their computers from the area's frequent lightning storms. You can contact us to proactively and affordably protect and weather proof your computer and electronics from lightning damage!

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